It's time for you to LEVEL UP your strategies for life, on and off the field!

We’ve all heard the stories—a professional athlete signs for $2 million per year and the next thing we know he’s working in the off-season to make ends meet. Financial empowerment experts Rob Welsh and Jonathan R. Scott know this story too well and realize that pro players aren’t alone. Too few of us understand how to make the most of the rewards of our hard work and how to get what we want from life. 

That’s why they’ve written THE WINNING PLAYBOOK: Strategies for Life on and off the Field. It’s time to stop talking about wealth management and start talking about wealth empowerment, not just for athletes, but for everyone. Together, Welsh and Scott have made it their mission to teach all of us how to play the long game.



Rob Welsh is a former US Marine and Minister with over 17 years of experience in the financial industry. Rob has trained and mentored thousands of people on leadership, business, and personal growth with a key emphasis on empowering and adding value to others. Rob lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Miyuki of 35 years, and his son Kenny.


Jonathan Ray Scott is from Dallas, Texas. A ten-year veteran of the National Football League as an offensive tackle, Jonathan was also a member of the 2005 National Champion Texas Longhorns football team. Jonathan’s life off the field has been as successful as his time on the field with experience in real estate, finance, education, coaching, executive leadership, and the music industry.


"Jonathan Scott [and Rob Welsh] has a fantastic book that transcends the understanding of wealth. It's about so much more than money - it's about personal growth, faith, and attitude. It is a monumental book told through monumental stories!"

-BOB BEAUDINE, President/CEO of Eastman & Beaudine, Best Selling Author of The Power of WHO! and 2 Chairs



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